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Thank you for visiting my smashin’ birthday website!

Go on and drop your well-wishes for me here and I promise to make mama and papa to read them for me soon! One wish, one extra cupcake, so feel free to drop as many wishes as you want for more cupcakes at my birthday (hehe!)!

I look forward to seeing you at my birthday party soon! ;)

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  1. Hey big guy… Happy bday.. You’re one year older than last year now… You never met me, but I heard a lot about you from your parents. We’ll meet at your bday party, no worries.. All I want to say to you is, be grateful for your parents.. They are good people.. They taught me a lot and had my back when I had a meltdown few weeks back… Be a good boy and listen to your parents, and study hard… Because life will be hard without knowledge…

    So cheers, and happy bday again.

    By: Uncle Latif

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Aydein, Hooraayy \(^_^)/.

    You have one candle on your cake. Be a good & charming boy ok. How time flies, from da cute and tiny infant now you are toddler. Don’t worry mommy, Aydein will always loves you as much as you loves him ;-)

    By: Aunty Yanz & Zubayr

  3. Hepy 1st beshday lil aydein!~
    B a good boy, be a good son for ur papa n mama cz they love u sooo much, and be a good servant for HIM.insyaALLAH.
    oh ya, stay cute alwiz!

    Auntie Siti & Uncle Afiq

    By: Siti Zainal & Afiq Jalal

  4. Dear Aydein,

    We haven’t met yet but we know a lot about you and your achievements from your mama’s blog :)

    Happy First Birthday!!
    ~May you grow healthily, wisely and happily all the way. Be a good boy and keep on smiling k~

    With your mama’s touch, we bet it’s gonna be a wonderful first birthday party, as wonderful as this website. You are one lucky boy! :)

    Insyaallah, see you at your big party ;)

    By: Aunt Nadine & Faaz

  5. Hi Aydein, its Auntie Tika all the way from Penang…
    Happy first birthday cutey Aydein… lots of love from all of us in Penang;)

    Atikah & Azmi

    By: Atikah Rahman

  6. Happy 1st birthday Aydein… We love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. We will definitely be there to celebrate the special day with u…
    Lots of love, Aiman, Azrai, Airil & Alfie

    Yay… 4 extra cupcakes…. heheheeh

    By: The Iskandar Brothers

  7. Happy Birthday dearest Aydien :)

    May Allah bless you with endless joy and happiness :D

    You are so very lucky, to be blessed with wonderful parents that will always and always be by your side. InsyaAllah, you will grow up to be just as wonderful. Aminnnnnnn ;)

    Love Always <3

    By: Aunty EzaWeeza

  8. I must say, you have such a wonderful parents. Good thing is I’ll be in KL on 5th June 2010 too. Surely is killing two birds with one stone. Happy Birthday! I’ll make sure I make it to the party.. Wooppppsss….

    By: Yee Ling

  9. Happy Birthday, Aydein!
    A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip of growing up. :)
    Cheers to Aydein’s mama & papa

    By: Adelene Lisa

  10. Aydein dearie..happy 1st birthday..
    Aunty nadia wish Aydein will grow up to be a good boy to ur mama and papa..
    Cant wait to see u again at ur fabulous birthday bash!

    and congrats Thara,U did such a amazing job!the website was so sweet..really love it!
    enjoy urself preparing the 1st event for ur baby!;)

    By: aunty nadia

  11. Happy 1st Birthday to u Baby Aydein!
    be a proud son to ur papa & mama ok?



    By: Sarah Rashid

  12. Hello sweet heart,
    Aunty Huspa is ur mama’s blogger friend. Through ur mama, Aunty Huspa gets to know u.

    Personally, Aunty Huspa thinks that ur mama is a great woman and a supermama too. U’r so lucky to have a mama like her and Aunty Huspa wishes that one day Hazrat will become ur friend, like how mama and Aunty Huspa are now.

    U’ll soon become a toddler and Aunty Huspa hopes that u will grow up to be a good son to ur mama and papa and a good muslim too. Insyallah!

    Happy First Birthday Aydein!

    By: Aunty Huspa

  13. Now i know my mama Aydein is not blogging anymore.. because she’s busy preparing another website!!!
    Congrats babe.. it looks really good!
    See you at the party.. :)

    By: RuZaNNa

  14. Salam Aydein sayang..

    It’s now ur 1st birthday, sekejap je masa berlalu. Rasa macam baru saja Mummy Sarah told me yang dia dah dapat anak saudara pertama.

    selamat hari lahir, achik doakan Aydein terus membesar dgn sihat, dan sentiasa belajar menjadi insan yang cemerlangsdan sentiasa bahagiakan hati mama dan papa. Amin.

    maaf sbb achik, pakcik salleh dan nawal tak dapat join party Aydein,kitaorang kat Penang ni tunggu je mama Aydein tu call bila kalian balik KB,tp takde pun mama aydein tu call.

    nanti Aydein ingatkan mama bila balik rumah opah Penang ya!

    By: Achik Riena

  15. Sweetheart,

    Let me be the first to officiate your very first, very own website, hoping that one day, you will be able to read this, and know how much I love you, should I no longer happen to be in this world anymore..

    Aydein love, everytime I look at you, I thank Allah for blessing me with this beautiful boy, who keeps stealing my heart in every possible way. you’re beautiful to me ; inside and outside, and like any other proud parents, I am proud to call you my son.

    Should there ever comes a day, where you wake up and find that mama is no longer beside you, just know that somewhere, somehow, mama is always there, watching over you and never stop loving you. You’ve taught me a lot, in ways that you can never imagine and as long as I am breathing, I will try to be the best mum possible for you and look after you with a heart overflowing with love.

    Happy first birthday, Aydein baby. And yes, you will always be my baby — then, now and forever. :)

    By: Mama

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